Exterior Painting

First impressions mean everything.

Melchin Painting provides the comprehensive exterior painting services that are crucial for long-lasting paint applications. Exterior surfaces are exposed to dirt and mildew which is essential to remove prior to painting. We take special care to clean and repair external areas to ensure proper and quality external paint jobs that transform your vision into reality.

Project-based estimates mean no surprises!

We’ll follow your lead on color selection and then take it from there. We provide fast, dependable, and professional services based on a comprehensive quote. Contact us for an accurate quotes for your next exterior painting project.


  • Estimate
  • Schedule
  • Clean & Prep Surfaces
  • Make Necessary Repairs
  • Cover All Hardware & Light Fixtures
  • Apply Primer
  • Apply High-Quality Paint
  • Clean All Work Areas Daily
  • Uncover All Hardware & Light Fixtures
  • Final Inspection