Drywall Repair

A great paint job depends on great drywall. 

Painting is so much more than just rolling and brushing on a new coat, and Melchin Painting understands that quality drywall and plaster work is a requirement for flawless paint jobs. Cracks, holes, water damage, and stress fractures must be repaired by experts or even the highest quality paints are at risk of cracking and peeling. We’ve been repairing drywall for over 10 years and use high-quality materials, practice industry-standard techniques, and ensure safety using scaffolding, lifts, and other professional tools to ensure a flawless result.

Inspection-based estimates mean no surprises!

Proper drywall repair requires an onsite inspection to examine the extent of the damage, diagnose any additional problems, take measurements, and advise possible solutions. From there, we’ll compile an accurate and comprehensive quote for you to review based on the full scope of the project.


  • Inspect, Diagnose, & Estimate
  • Schedule
  • Furniture Removal & Covering
  • Remove Damaged Drywall
  • Support Drywall with Necessary Hardware
  • Seal Damaged Areas
  • Install Insulation (if required)
  • Tape, Mud, Sand, & Prime
  • Paint
  • Clean Work Area
  • Final Inspection